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Gobos for projections made in nickel silver or stainless steel by the application of photo chemical etching or photo chemical machining. This procedure allows the realization of elaborate geometric details. Through photographic development it is possible to obtain a trade-mark or logo perfectly identical to the original.

We make Gobos for all types of spot-lights for the best Italian and international brands. We produce wheels, mechanical details of the palette type 'strobo-ghigliottine-palette dimmer' and whatever the technologies of motorized spot-lights require. Complete or partial metal engraving allows diverse applications which include connecting rod, little trains, purse labels, electric contacts, valvs, filters, flat grinding wheels etc.

The thickness of material varies from around 0,02mm to 2mm. It is possible to send drawings or texts via fax or in form of a digital file. The file must be readable in Windows in one of the following formats:Dwg, dxf, cdr, tiff, jpeg, wwmf, gif, eps, bmp. If dwg (autocad ) or cdr (coreldraw) formats are used, please specify the font. We also produce monochrome, dichroic gobos. It is possible to make a colored background by the use of transparent engraving. As for multicolor procedures, these will be available in the near future.